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Take the controls and experience the thrill of
flying a Gyro

Why not arrange for a trial flight? It is truly the ultimate way to fly. This aircraft is a real hybrid. Not only can it almost stand still in the air like a helicopter, it can also thunder along at 100mph. It is the perfect way to view the landscape. Our open cockpit gyroplane gives you an unrestricted view of the world around you that is unsurpassable.

The trial (or experience) flight has only one ambition and that is to get everyone to experience the thrill of flying an Autogyro (also known as a gyrocopter or gyroplane). It is quite breathtaking. You won't be disappointed!

GyroSchool is professional and friendly, so book your trial flight now. Go on - treat yourself today, you won't regret it! We offer trial flights throughout the Algarve.

All training is carried out by CAA approved Instructors.

Trial Flights

Trial/Experience Gyro Flights

Whether you are considering starting a PPL(Gyroplane) course or simply finding out what taking control of an aircraft feels like, the Trial Flight will provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who samples it for the first time.

As a CAA authorised Flying Training Organisation, we conduct our Trial Flights with the same level of professionalism and attention to safety as we would any of our pilot courses or flights.

All our aircraft are equipped with dual controls. Throughout the Trial Flight you will be encouraged to take the controls for most of the flight with the instructor intervening mainly during the takeoff and landing phases of the flight.

All lessons are preceded by a classroom briefing to explain the basic controls and to discuss the flight route.

Any time flown during a Trial Flight will count towards the PPL(G) course should you decide to take up flying.


Setting the Standards in Gyro Training

GyroSchool is one of the leading independent providers of integrated gyro training for students both from the UK and internationally. As an independent flying school for Autogyros we believe that we understand many of the issues and challenges that students may experience and we have designed our training courses to help you achieve the PPL(G) in a positive and proficient manner. Our personalised approach to all our students is what is required to continue leading the way in the future. Established in 2006 we have gained respect and loyalty from our customers and former students along with the reputation for safety and professionalism.

The flying training offered is for a full CAA approved Private Pilot’s Licence (Gyroplanes) course, which means approximately 40 hours flying training undertaken as a mixture of dual (with your Instructor) and solo flying under supervision. You will learn how to handle the aircraft in the air, landings and take-offs, safety and emergency procedures, navigation and airmanship. In addition to the flying training, there is a required knowledge of six ‘ground’ subjects which include: Air-Law, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance Factors, Radio Telephony and rotorcraft principals of flight. We have an instructor/examiner on hand to guide you gently and easily through the various subjects with the minimum of fuss.

We train our students on the CAA approved MTOSport tandem seat gyroplane. This aircraft has a top performance of 120mph top speed and a climb rate of 1200ft/min (one up) and 800ft/min (two up). The fuel capacity is 70 litres and with an average 12l-15l per hour you can stay in the air for more than 4 hrs. The range of over 300 miles is nothing to be sniffed at either. These are serious, and seriously fun aircraft. We are also able to train you on your ELA or MAGNI.

Here at the gyro school we offer all aspects of Gyroplane pilot training including all ground school subjects and examinations - but before you're ready to lift off for solo flight you'll need to obtain a NPPL medical declaration.

Flying training is conducted by the hour: you pay only for the time spent in the aircraft. By arrangement, block bookings of days or even weeks can be made to meet the students’ own requirements. Many people prefer to do a ‘concentrated’ course – or in at least several major parts of perhaps a week at a time – which of course can prove to be the most cost/time effective way of completing your licence. We provide the clothing, helmets and the aircraft and you'll bring the enthusiasm.

The GyroSchool provides you with the very best of training in helping you to gain your CAA PPL(Gyroplanes) and the breathtaking Algarve provides a superlative and magnificent backdrop for it. The CAA PPL(G) is recognised worldwide.

Here at the GyroSchool we also offer Further Training if you already hold your PPL(G). We offer invaluable mountain and hot weather training particularly; this is very challenging but extremely enjoyable. It introduces a different side to flying an Autogyro and explores the full potential of this amazing aircraft.


Trial/Experience Flights

The Sunny Flight €60 15min flight + briefing
The Bronze Flight €100 30min flight + briefing
The Silver Flight €180 1hr flight + briefing
The Gold Flight €460 3 x (1hr flight + briefing)

Training PPL(G)

Dual Instruction in school machine, a tandem, open cockpit, two-seat Gyroplane 150 p/h
Solo Instruction (including supervised solo) in school machine 150 p/h
Dual Instruction on students' own machine (open cockpit or enclosed) €95 p/h
Solo Instruction on students' own machine (including supervised solo) €95 p/h
Ground School + extended briefings 45 p/h



To book a trial flight or discuss training call Nick or email us here at GyroSchool .

+44 (0)7595 328031

E- mail:

We are based in the Algarve, Portugal, at Portimao Aerodrome, Alvor giving students the opportunity of flying in one of the most stable weather regions of Europe. There is plenty of parking at the airfield with it's own restaurant.

Based at:
Aerodrome Municipal de Portimao (LPPM)
Montes de Alvor
8500 059


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